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Revolutionary Brands

We offer for sale to our clients all skin care products needed to maintain their treatments, eliminate unwanted conditions or slow down the skin's aging process. At your visit we will reccommend the best products for your skin's needs.



PCA Skin (Physician's Choice of Arizona) is a leading dermatology-focused skin care company committed to research and development that was founded by an aesthetician.

 The PCA Skin line of products are designed and formulated to manage most skin care problems or conditions in a gentle and effective manner. This means getting the results you need without harsh alcohols, artificial dyes, colors or fragrances. It is ideal for SENSITIVE SKIN. Their product line also provide superior cosmetic results using medical grade formulas and ingredients which are only available exclusively through doctors or licenced skin care professionals. An industry leader that has been serving skin care needs for over 2 decades, PCA Skin is a brand we trust.



Bio-Therapeutic is known worldwide as one of the leaders in anti-aging, skin care and aesthetic equipment and have created the most forward-thinking, non-invasive facial treatments in the industry.

Their product lines stay true to the company's philosophy of technology based skin care and serve to accompany the various treatment plans given at our studio. From daily care to the most advanced anti-aging formulas, Bio-Therapeutic cannot be beat and has an innovative solution for your skin.



Farmhouse Fresh is a Texas based line of products that we use for our body treatments. Natural and fresh, straight off the farm! These products are always paraben and sulphate free and all ingredients are at least 88% natural.

We love the scrumptious fragrances that ooze luxury, delight our senses and nourish our body. Farmhouse Fresh products simply make us feel good inside and out.

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